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Nature’s Goodness...

Wheatgrass: What can I say...I’ve been a fan for many years!! Some of the wonderful benefits I’ve personally have experienced are as followed: improved menstrual cycle->minimal to no cramping->healthy flow with reduced to no clotting. Improved energy as well as brighter an healthier skin!! So why not go back to what you know works!!! Back to the basics!!! 2oz=4cubes 1xday! When you found a vendor that takes all the extra steps out for you!!!! Priceless!! -With anything you are unfamiliar your own research, consult a professional and always listen to your body!

Here are a few other useful tidbits about Wheatgrass: *Fresh is always best...yet if you must powder form will do!* 1. 17 Amino Acids->8 are essential; in which the body cannot produce.

2. Contains several Antioxidants that fight free radicals.

3. May Reduce: Weight, Blood sugar, Cholesterol and Inflammation within the body.

4. (Chlorophyll)Neutralizes Toxins

5. Highly Oxygenated.

6. 1 ounce equals 2lbs. of produce nutritionally. ....and so much more!!! Want too know more...research it out-💫TYB

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